The profession of food science technicians involves research and development to help improve the qualities of food and beverage products. The job happens to be a highly responsible one. These professionals work in close contact with scientists and conduct various kinds of tests on food and agricultural products. Whatever research and tests on food products are performed, food technicians need to comply with the rules and guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration. The field of food and science technology also includes professionals like biological technicians, chemical technicians, environmental science and technicians. The food technician, therefore, would be working in close touch with these professionals, according to the requirement. These professionals do not only perform food and agricultural products test, but they also analyze the end result and maintain a record of these tests. In addition, food and science technology professionals also look after the requirements of the laboratory like ordering supplies, maintenance of inventory and sterilization of laboratory equipment.

Science technician professionals may be required to work in different weather conditions. Mostly, food technicians perform their work in laboratories. Agricultural technicians and environmental science technology professionals spend most of their time working in remote locations. With the advent of advanced technology, food and science technicians need to be quite well versed with the operation of laboratory equipment. Besides traditional and electronic equipment, the field of food and science technology also involves extensive use of computers for the research and development work.

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