Forestry courses can start you on the path to a great career. When you study forestry, you can consider a host of career options including Biotechnology, Wood Processing, Forest Operations and Forest Management. Although we have a somewhat colloquial view of the ‘forest ranger’ personality, as nothing but a glorified tour guide to the forest, modern forestry is vibrant and on the cutting edge for climate change technology, conservation, sustainable harvesting and education. A career in forestry is more than just a walk in the trees. So where do you start to learn more about forestry and the career options available to you?

Well, to start with, learn about the different job classifications and professional practices that are taught in forestry courses. For example, Silviculture is the science of controlled forestry. You will learn how to monitor and control a forest from the establishment of seedlings through the life of the trees. You will learn about forest health, composition and quality all focussed toward meeting the needs of society, landowners and local culture. When you learn Practical Logging, you learn how to responsibly produce timber on a sustainable model.

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